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Bartlett High School Phased Remodel

This project began with the development of a master plan for Bartlett High School that will be used to implement the vision articulated in the ASD educational specifications for high schools. The phased remodel of Bartlett HS will encompass more than 325,000 SF and has a budget of almost $60 million.

Though not complete, Kumin has designed the initial phases which included a 90,000 SF renovation, the transformation of the original 14,000 SF library and ancillary spaces into a 9,000 SF media center plus three new classrooms and teacher offices and the design of a new, 625-seat theater addition.

Work to date includes demolition of the interior walls and finishes, replacing the mechanical and electrical systems, hazardous abatement and design of new classrooms, support and administrative spaces. Specific project elements include nine new state-of-the-art science classrooms, 13 traditional classrooms; computer classrooms; new band, orchestra, dance and arts spaces; a scene shop, dressing rooms, and full stage with a fly and orchestra pit; administrative offices, teacher preparation rooms and seminar spaces.

The main entrance of the school was completely redesigned to be a prominent entry point with a main lobby space and a visitor parking area as well.

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