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Fawn Mountain Elementary School

A 46,000 SF school located on a sloping, southern-facing site, oriented to maximize daylight and views of Alaska's Inside Passage. Kumin worked closely with the KGB to create a design tailored to the needs of the District, site, climate, and budget. Understanding that teaching space is at a premium in Ketchikan, Kumin worked closely with the contractor and project manager during the construction phase to facilitate a timely completion date. Construction started in January of 2005 and was completed by December of the same year. Students and teachers were able to move in for the spring term of 2006.

In addition to fulfilling educational needs, the facility also provides several multi-use community spaces. The full size community basketball court sees frequent use, and the commons, flanked by a stage and a kitchen, provides a comfortable space for events hosting small groups or gatherings of 200 people.

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