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Goldenview Middle School

A 159,200 SF school designed to accommodate 1,200 students and take advantage of its magnificent, ecologically diverse natural setting. The site design maintains wetlands, streams and natural vegetation as educational and aesthetic amenities. The elevation change across the middle of the site allowed a 2-story solution that provides at grade exit from both levels. A modest one-story entry side profile blends well with the character and scale of the surrounding residential neighborhood.

The building envelope was designed to be complementary to the local context, durable in function and timeless in appearance. Exterior skin colors, textures and patterns were selected to compliment the seasonal and diurnal variation in light, flora and climate phenomena. A stainless steel light shelf reflects light into each classroom, and adds exterior scale.

The focal point of the school is the two-story commons space located at the intersection of major East and West Plaza entrances and the South-North academic corridors. This "town square" space is the center of circulation, as well as a celebration of light and majestic views. All major public spaces including gymnasium with elevated track, multi-purpose room/auditorium and administrative offices have a prominent location off the commons.

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