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International Arctic Research Center

A 100,000 SF facility for government, private, and international geophysical groups to study the arctic environment by way of volcanology, space physics, aeronomy, atmospheric studies, satellite remote sensing, and snow/ice/permafrost research. A primary design mission was to provide a world class facility, in both appearance and function, equal in caliber to the research programs undertaken by its international collection of tenants. IARC houses offices, laboratory spaces, classrooms, lecture halls, and a 20,000 SF library/data resource center.

The building's form, scale, and sculptural character have established the facility as the "showpiece" for the campus. The building is sited to respect the existing natural landscape, and avoid disturbances to natural areas. The spectacular views from the existing Elvey Building are not obstructed, and pedestrian ways are not shaded excessively.

Designers also considered the quality, intensity, angle, and color of natural light to enhance the building and surrounding environment. The new facility strikes a harmony with its context, yet establishes a new standard for future development.

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