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Maxine & Jesse Whitney Museum

A stand-alone museum added to the Prince William Sound Community College in Valdez. Exterior aluminum storefront and colored split face concrete masonry were chosen to complement the existing building materials. The 4,500 SF wing accommodates 3,300 SF of exhibit space, a small meeting room and coordinator office. The museum houses an extensive collection of Alaskan art, taxidermy, and artifacts collected by Maxine and her husband over several decades.

The design goal was to create sufficient space to allow visible display of the entire collection in one location. A comprehensive inventory of the collection was completed to determine the minimum amount of area required. Displays were designed efficiently creating casework and display settings customized to properly display and protect the collection.

The exhibit space is windowless and humidified. The enclosed office, meeting room and offset entry vestibule allow natural light into accessory spaces while protecting the exhibits. Exhibit design firm, AldrichPears, under contract with Kumin Associates, worked closely with the user in the development of the museum exhibits and display casework.

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