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Southcentral Foundation Fireweed Clinic

This project consolidated multiple regional facilities under one roof, providing 56,000 SF for dentistry, optometry and behavioral health services on three floors, including public lobbies, a large gathering room for conferences and an underground parking garage.

The health care infrastructure at Tudor Centre is dedicated to preserving wellness of Alaska's indigenous peoples who often travel from remote village locations to receive medical care. Accordingly, designers chose to break the building form into smaller scale elements to be less imposing and non-institutional for the users. Curving walls and roof canopies reflect organic natural forms and references to Native vernacular pole structures are recalled at the main entrance to the building.

The design incorporates features and materials that are appropriately scaled, familiar, respective of Native tradition and reflective of the natural and urban surroundings. Materials and colors were selected to respect similar materials used at other buildings on the hospital campus while allowing for a unique identity for the "Fireweed Building." Exterior materials and textures reflect the rich colors of the surrounding Chugach Mountains while contrasting brick colors allows for patterns in the brick that are reminiscent of Native art.

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