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NSHC Long Term Care Facility/QCC Replacement

The Quyanna Care Center (QCC) is a 15,000 SF long term care facility designed to complement NSHC's new Nome Hospital with similar exterior materials and patterns. A bridge connection to the hospital allows the QCC facility to share services, such as laundry, central storage, and food service, with the hospital and provides a connection for shared utilities as well.

The QCC Long Term Care Facility includes 18 private resident rooms - all with private baths, administrative space, employee facilities, patient amenities and support space. Large windows in the living area afford residents spectacular views of Norton Sound and access to an exterior deck. In the common dining/gathering space, a hearth provides warmth and clerestory windows reflect natural light. The QCC is not a "home-like" institution; rather it is home for the 18 residents and the staff that lives and work here.

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