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St. Elias Specialty Hospital

A 64,000 SF long term acute care hospital for the transition of patients from full hospital care to outpatient care and rehabilitation using occupational therapy and physical therapy programs within the facility. The hospital can provide care for 60 patients - 42 private rooms, 12 enhanced semi-private rooms, 5 high acuity rooms, and 1 high acuity isolation room. Associated spaces include a kitchen, dining hall, nurse's stations, utility rooms, physical therapy and other functions.

Completed as a design-build with Davis Constructors & Engineers, Kumin provided site investigation and design services from conceptual design through all phases of construction.

The time frame for design and construction spanned from March 2005 to November 2006, only 19 months for both the design and construction of a complex and new type of facility. The design-build approach allowed for submitting for a building permit for grading, excavation and fill in June 2005, with subsequent permits for structural design, mechanical and electrical design as the respective designs were developed during the course of the work.

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