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The Pathway Home

A 27,000 SF boarding home-type facility that provides care for at-risk adolescent Native males in the Anchorage area. The Pathway Home offers a licensed 30-bed, long-term residential program that allows for rehabilitative, clinical and education on site with emphasis on the strengths of Alaska Native culture and traditions.

The design required both educational and residential components. The school includes general instructional classrooms, a computer lab, vocational education space and a multi-purpose room. The residential component features three suites, each with four bedrooms clustered around a central living space. Areas are separated by the commons and administration spaces and emphasizes a clear transition between educational to residential components.

Careful site planning allowed development of an obvious main entry drop-off and clear vehicular circulation. Sunny, private yard space is provided on the south and west. Special landscape treatment includes native plants and quiet contemplation zones. Massing of key components breaks the long street side façade into smaller elements, which coexist gracefully with the residential neighborhood context. The scale is deliberately downplayed to minimize the institutional character for the residents as well.

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