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Ketchikan Shipyard Expansion Project

Featured in the media for its housing of the industrial fishing vessel, Arctic Prowler, the new assembly and production hall in Ketchikan featured unique design considerations including climate, weight requirements, and allowance for specialized machinery. This facility is part of a major expansion of Ketchikan Shipyard, owned by AIDEA and operated by Alaska Ship and Drydock.
As the Architectural sub-consultant for this new ship building and office facility, Kumin provided the architectural design, Code analysis, coordination and construction assistance for the project. The 25,000 sf 130' tall Assembly Hall and added Steel Shop are each 1-story fabrication, welding, and assembly spaces, with an attached 7,000 sf 5-story office building Production Center. Unique building features include interior walkways with removable railings for fabrication activity within the Assembly Hall, oversize fabric doors including the main hall's 110' tall door with accommodation for crane rail extension to the drydock, and connection points for fabrication utilities and gases throughout the assembly areas.
This very large facility is located alongside the cruise ship dock and is very visually prominent from the water and the town. Care was taken in the exterior design to blend the facility with the surrounding scale and aesthetic of the area.

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