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F-22 Squad Ops/AMU/6 Bay Hangar

A task order under the 2007 MATOC contract, this U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project is the largest hangar in the new F-22 program at Elmendorf AFB.

It consists of a 35,000 SF 6-bay maintenance hangar with an attached 3-story, 49,000 SF squadron operations facility. The squad operations building provides office space for the various squadron commanders as well as mission planning and debriefing facilities. The facility is used jointly by the USAF and AK Air National Guard and provides classified storage and data hub systems.

Because the facility will be operational 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, it required high quality materials and workmanship throughout. Materials and methods of construction optimize quality, function, aesthetics, economy, maintainability, and life cycle cost. The anticipated life of the building will be 50 years with refurbishment after 20 years.

LEED Silver Equivalent

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