"Kumin has the toughest part of the project (Anchorage Museum Expansion)... and they are succeeding."
- Stephen Jelinek, President, Alcan General Inc.

"Kumin Associates, Inc. has successfully managed one of the most complex teams to ever work on a project in Alaska. They have impressed the entire committee with their organizational ability and goal to provide their clients with a building that will work successfully and efficiently."
- Patricia Wolf, former Director, Anchorage Museum

"I have been very impressed with not only Kumin's ability to complete district projects successfully, but also the open and honest manner in which they do business."
- Mike Price, Construction Manager, Anchorage School District

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with a professional group like Kumin this last year... credit to you and yours, it is well and truly deserved."
- Cliff Gray, former Project Manager on Nome Hospital, Norton Sound Health Corporation

"I think the world of the people at Kumin. Each staff member has the ability, skills and know-how to do tremendously wonderful work."
- Howard Morse, Project Manager, University of Alaska Anchorage Facilities Department

"They give tremendous value for cost, there are no learning curves with KAI - they understand immediately what is needed."
- Dave Vralsted, former Project Manager, Alaska Railroad Corporation

"They are very conscious and dedicated to their clients..."
- Howard Hollis, President, Coffman Engineers, Inc.

"We are so enjoying Bartlett and Begich - you did excellent work on those schools."
- Carol Comeau, Superintendent, Anchorage School District

"…the transit shelter is a great addition to our city, one of the better designed buildings in Anchorage, especially the detailing."
- Bruce Williams, Black + White Studio Architects

"I am so pleased how (Norton Sound Regional Hospital) has come together. Thank you for hanging with us on this important health care endeavor."
- Gary J. Hartz, Director, Office of Environmental Health and Engineering Indian Health Service

"…maintenance is low due to Kumin's practical design(s)."
- Jon Clark, Project Manager, Municipality of Anchorage

"...I wanted to thank you for anchoring yet another very demanding meeting for the Flux Facility, especially on a holiday. Your diligence on this project is much appreciated. You have been very patient and responsive to the science requirements, even as they have shifted around. I feel that we are ending up with a really outstanding and constructable design."
- Sandy Starkweather, Summit Project Manager, Polar Field Services, Inc.