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MOA Anchorage Museum Transit Transfer Facility

Sharing the site of the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center, the transit transfer facility is an intermodal facility and is the second busiest transit facility in Anchorage's central business district. The transit transfer facility is a sheltered pavilion with a glass roof and screened metal walls that provides protection from the weather and remains visually open to provide security for those waiting within. The good visibility prevents panhandling and encourages pedestrian mobility. Winter city design components include treated sidewalks which also provide easier accessibility.

The design compliments the Anchorage Museum Expansion by playing on the theme of vertical, modular elements similar to the frit pattern in the Expansion's glass panels. The three-sided panels of the vertical metal screens are multi-hued and create an ever changing pattern of light, shadow and color as pedestrians shift positions along the exterior of the structure. At night the facility is lit from within and the play of light and shadow transfers from the interior to the exterior.

While the facility is physically separated from the adjacent museum landscaping it maintains distinct visual lines with the Museum campus.

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